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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 5, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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that's how you get your written letter read on the air. give me a good first sentence. please, always remember, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: in a move that is beneath the dignity of the oval office, it appears that the obama administration changed the monthly jobs report for political gain. after he was crushed at the denver debate, the labor department announced that the unemployment rate dropped magically to 7.8% in september. and the job registered more than 800,000. that's one of the biggest one-month jumps in 29 years. let me say this one more time. the biggest jump since 1983, convenient, considering that barack obama finds himself in
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the midst of perhaps the worst political week of his life. while the president claims that the unexpected news is a sign that america is, quote, moving forward, there are a growing number of skeptics that are crying foul. chief is the former g.e. ceo jack welch. unbelievable job numbers. they can't debate so they change the numbers. he appeared earlier today on "your world." >> these numbers don't smell right when you think about where the economy is right now. every economist predicted roughly 90,000 to 120,000. this economy doesn't feel like the employment improved this level. it is just -- maybe it's a coincidence that the month before the election, we have a number that comes out 1/10th below when the president took office. >> sean: jack welch is not the only one tawing of this timely
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development. listen to what business insider said on fox business new york this morning. >> i feel like i am watching a movie, a suspense movie. because there is no way in the world these numbers are accurate. and somebody needs to dig real deep into this. how in the world, miraculously, we have the best flz 30 years, right before the election? somebody needs to do an investigation, like they are doing an investigation in libbia. they need to investigate the numbers because there is no way in the world these numbers are accurate? >> the same administration not telling the truth about benghazi and libya and the death of four americans. there are very important questions that need to be asked of the obama administration. when you look at the hardidate athere is no way to explain how the rate decreased from 8.1% to 7.8%. as the former director of the nonpartisan cbo put it, it is simply implausible. a few things to keep in mind. the real unemployment rate
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remains unchanged, 14.6%. remember, this number includes people who have left the labor force because they cannot find a job. guess what? they are no longer counted. they are nonexistent. it is the same number that it was a month ago. number 2, the real number of unemployed or under-employed increased by 100,000 since last month and stands at 23.2 million americans. here's how that number is broken down. 12 million people are unemployed, 2 1/2 million people have given up and they are no longer counted. nearly 9 million people are working part time because they cannot find a full-time job. this is what president obama calls moving forward? there are more americans unemployed and under-employed than last month and the month before that. what is a fact, barack obama promised you that by this time, if his stimulus pan was pass audio shovel-ready jobs?
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he predicted -- he told you -- unemployment would be 5 px.6% at this time. so to be sure, the national nightmare that is the obama economy continues, despite the bogus jobs. in 32 days, we will all have the opportunity to go to the polls and do something about this. joining me with the analysis, the one and only architect, karl rove. karl rove, let me see if i can put this in very simple terms. we have -- and this is what they are saying is an economic recovery. we have fewer jobs in september, created than we had in august, fewer jobs in august than we had in july, and we will have fewer jobs in 2012 than we had in 2011. just a fact, the economy in 2012 is worse than the economy in 2011. and the economy in 2011 is worse than the recovery summer job year of 2010. how did they make this claim? >> well, look, the economy is slowing up.
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and the numbers bear it out. the number -- you used -- there are two job numbers. there is the household survey, which generated this very high number, which doesn't smell right. then there is the number on which they base unemployment, which is the so-called business survey or company survey. that shows 114,000 new jobs created in september. you are right. that's less than in august, less than in july. and the economy is showing every sign, at least from an employment perspective of slowing down and the number growing less. remember this, we need to create 150,000 new jobs a month just to stay even. that's how many -- 140- or 150,000 new job workers need to come to work every month. we are not creating the number of jobs to stay up with the population. think about this -- log at this rate do you think tell take to get back to the number of people working in america when the recession startd? if we go at this rate, how long
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do you think tell take? let's go to the white board. here's the answer. tell take until 2025 to get back to the number of people that are working -- if we continue at the rate bam bottom's going. this is just unacceptable. we are 4 1/2 million jobs less than we were when the recession started. we are 61,000 fewer people, according f labor statistics than when he took office. we have 8.1 million fewer people in the workforce altogether. 63.6% was americans are in the workforce. that's the lowest number since jimmy carter was in office. we had double-digit inflation and double-digit interest rates and unemployment. we want people to be in the work force. if they are working, they can afford to support their family and they can buy things that help the economy grow. the reason we got these bad numbers, we have the worse recovery since world war two, a
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direct result of the barack obama stewardship of the economy. >> sean: here's what is frustrating to me. i want a great jobs report. i don't want people giving up, looking for work. and the fact that we don't count them -- frankly, i thought this administration cared about -- they have a monopoly on compassion, but after a certain amount of time, we don't count you anymore. you don't exist anymore. that is point number 1. point number 2, this administration has been on an effort to lie about benghazi. we have new information tonight that proves the ambassador requested help and didn't get it. now we have this job report -- the best in 29 years. i don't believe them. i think they are lying on a variety of issues to the american people and they are just trying to crawl their way over to the finish line. am i wrong? >> no. well, look -- you are right about one narrow thing. the house -- just one narrow thing. >> yeah, but that -- but look. that's not the main focus -- the
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unemployment numbers arrived at by looking at the 114,000 number. that's anemic, that's less than we need to stay -- to stay up with what we need to do. we are -- falling further and further behind. if we want to get back to the number of people working full time that we had when the recession began, at the pace at which president obam is healing the economy ttake until 2025. do we really want to wait and say to millions of american people, don't worry, you only got another, you know, 13 years until we get back to the number of jobs that allow to you take care of your families and provide for your future, feel secure in your retirement, educate your kids and make tomorrow better for them. this is unacceptable to a great country like ours. >> sean: california, paying nearly $6 a gallon for gasoline. let me show you the price of gas, when barack obama became
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president, it was $1.84 a gallon. today, it's $3.79. up over, you know, twice as much as we were paying. if you look at national debt under president obammasm this is a guy who said that your boss, george w. bush was irresponsible and unpatriotic for taking a credit card in the name of our quids kids and grandkids and borrowing from the bank of china. $6 trillion by one four-year term, more than george bush in 8 years. >> at least, we were growing the economy, while bush was in office. we are not growing the economy -- we are growing the debt much faster than the economy. think about this when president obama came into office, the public debt --ont the total debt, secured in the form of a bond and sold, was equal to 40% of gbr dp. because of the stimulus bill and the increase in the federal budget, it was 54% of gdp. by the end of 2010, 62%, by the end of last year, 70% of gdp and
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by the end of this year, only because republicans control the house and have put some of the brakes on the spending, it will be 72% of gdp. everything's costing more. and why? because as a country, we are spending money we do not have. what that causes, that causes to eat away at purchasing power of the dollar. we are paying more for gasoline, more for food and health care. americans are being squeezed. this is the only recovery since world war ii in which the median household income has fallen t. false during a recession. but it rises during a recovery, except this time, fact, it's fallen more since the recovery began-- have you to understand. >> it fell during the recession itself. >> sean: it was the altitude... of denver, where he gave his speech in invesco field that caused him -- >> next week, next week, there is going to be the cover of the new yorker, the quintessential
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liberal magazine with mitt romney alta podium, with the other pod yom with an empty chair. devastating. >> sean: i think this president's checked out. i think he is lazy. i think admitted he's lazy. >> he'll be back. >> sean: i agree. this is going to be a vicious 32 days, i promise everybody that. thank you, karl. good to see you? >> coming up, was the president really distracted at this debate? bob woodward is making that suggestion. we're hearing major rumors of a donor scandal that is about to rock the obama campaign. could this be a link? we will ask bob woodward. and then... >> obama and biden want to raise taxes by $8 trillion. guess what? yes, we do. >> sean: yes, you do. finally, a politician is telling you the truth. lich, folks. that's the vice-president. if re-elected over a trillion doctors in new taxes. you want to vote for that option? we'll check in with charles krauthammer on this busy friday edition of "hannity."
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that day. and according to the washington examiner, there is a major donor scandal story that the obama campaign is trying to suppress, involving overseas campaign contributions. joining me, the author of the new york times best seller, the price of politic, bob woodward is back. before we get into that part of the story, saw i this performance was so bad that it's worth explaining. i found your comments very interesting? >> well, two and-a-half months ago, i interviewed obottom in the oval office for an hour and-a-half. went through very tough questions about his negotiations with the republicans on the financial and debt and deficit issues. and he was tuned in. he answered, he gave his side. he gave his defense. the obama -- the other night in this debate -- it was almost like there were two channels going in his mind, one on the
6:17 pm
debate and answering in the way he did, which just didn't fit together. and then when he was looking down, it's almost like something else was deeply worrying him. now, i don't know that. the point is, you know, why would he be so out of it in clearly one of the most important political moments of his life? >> sean: it is a really good question. i think -- i think he was shocked because mitt romney looked him dead in the eye, was very deep in the facts. i mean, it was just the opposites of john mccain, in the mccain debate, obama was looking mccain in the eye and mccain looking down or out at the crowd. very different in terms of the body language. on substance, romney was very knowledgeable, across the board, every question and was willing to take the president on. i don't think he is used to that? >> now, it's possible that obama realized what romney was doing
6:18 pm
and that's what troubled him. and if you step back a little bit, what romney did... he present aid theory of the case for being president. his theory is, whether you would agree with this -- a lot of people would disagree with it -- let's get the government out of your life as much as possible, less taxes, less regulation, less government spending. the second thing romney did, which was really important, he said, look, i have a history of bipartisan cooperation. i worked with democrats. i did this in massachusetts. if you talk to democrats in massachusetts, they say romney was a very good governor, that they could work with him. maybe obama saw this because the significance of the last 3 1/2 years in the obama presidency is there was never cooperation or rarely cooperation. no or very few bipartisan
6:19 pm
agreements. the only time they did something was when they brought joe biden in to negotiate with the republicans. so maybe obama sensed that. but i don't know -- it's worthy to investigate. >> sean: yeah. one theory i have, i want to ask you one more question about your theory. i would argue, $6 trilon in debt, very hard to explain away. i would argue that, you know when 2012 economically is worse than 2011, which was worse than 2010, unemployment in 2012, fewer jobs in this year than last year and the year before. things are trending down. obviously, that's troubling for the president in terms of trying to defend it. but back to your theory, if he was so bad that there something else going on, that could be troubling in and of itself. you know, we need presidents that are strong. you know, bill clinton, as critical as i was during monica
6:20 pm
lewinsky, you have to hand it to him, his ability to compartmentalize, do his job, deal with impeachment was, frankly, pretty amazing, in terms of the skill level and his ability to handle that. >> steel will. the survivor. there is no question about that. it's worth looking at. but you were on with karl scproaf it's great to hear karl rove out there again. i used to go talk to him during the bush years. he would roll out the statistics and the arguments-- he's good. >> and make the case. this business of the unemployment numbers. you know, is it a trend? i have looked at that time two ways. it is no comfort to the tens of millions of people who are unemployed, under-employed or just taken themselves out of the job market. in the second thing is, i think
6:21 pm
the average viewer is sitting here, asking the question... what's the plan to fix it? what's the goal? how are we going to do this? and whether -- in our polls, in romney's case. but the other night, he made a case. he said, i am going to get the economy going. this is how i'm going to do it. lots of people are going to debate that. but obama presented no plan on the key issue of jobs. >> sean: absolutely. now he has a problem. fewer yoagain. 2012, less than 2011, less than 2010. you know... government growth expanding. anyway, bob, congratulations on the success of the book. always like having you back. thank you for being with us. >> sean: coming up next, we are rallyingarn the new economic patriot. >> that is rooted in the core belief that built this country. >> sean: economic patriotism,
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the president can be the be talking about $6 trillion in new debt. is this the new buzzword for fair share? when we come back, the one and only charles krauthammer will weigh in, straight ahead. hahahaha! hooohooo, hahaha! this is awesome! folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. i'd say happier than a slinky on an escalator. get happy. get geico. melons!!! oh yeah!!
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>> sean: big shocker. the altitude had nothing to do with president obama's dismal performance. we have the tape to prove it. if altitude was to blame, how come president obama didn't seem dazed and confused when he accepted the nomination in 2008? invesco field, by the way, that was in denver. the trusty old teleprompter. the president and his partner in crime, mr. foot-in-my--mouth,
6:26 pm
joe biden, they can read pretty well on the script. but had they go off script, they say some pretty bizarre things. >> we are reallying around a new economic patriotism rooted in the core belief that built this country, that believes that the economy grows when we have a strong and thriving middle class, and everybody who works hard as has a shot. >> you know the phrase you always use, obam and biden want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars? guess what? yes we do n. one regard, we want to let that trillion-dollar tax cut expire so the middle class doesn't have to bear the burden of all that money going to the super wealthy? >> joe wasn't looking at the teleprompter. that's what happens when the teleprompter fails. joining me, charles krauthammer. you know, i remember, during the debate, walter mondale said, i'm
6:27 pm
admitting i am going to raise your taxes. that didn't work out that well, if i remember correctly, charles krauthammer? >> well, that is very true. i do believe your prompter theory. but i want to say, just to be safe, you never know when al gore can be right. i went to sea level to do this program, just to be sure i could talk straight. >> sean: okay. fair enough, charles. if you say. let's start with -- i thought you had a very keen analysis about the debate. i want you to give us -- look through the prism, we have three more debates, one vice-presidential, two presidential debates. the day after the debate, we see a very animated and almost angry barack obama, pretty much calling mitt romney, a liar. what do we expect as we move forward? desperation? do they overreak to the bad performance? >> well, i don't think they are overreaking. but they are -- they are desperate. what else can they possibly say? look, here was the one time when
6:28 pm
the two adversaries are out there, unfiltered by the media, which had been so in the tank to obama that they have snorkelling gear. everybody sought saw it. it was very straight. the moderator had no control, which is exactly the way it should be. he shouldn't be in the way. and it was no contest. it was no loss. they can only say that the other guy won because he was lying. in fact, the reason romney won was because he had the audacity in the first five minutes to go after the two central falsehoods are all the ads that obama has been running incessantly in ohio with great effect. the romney negatives are the highest of any challenger since that same walter mondale. the main themes of these is, number 1, romney has a plan to raise taxes on the middle class, which is absolutely false. and the one report it's based on
6:29 pm
was updated to say that they actually had looked at that time again and there is no reason under their assumptions that romney would have to raise taxes on the middle class. so that's number 1. and the second is that he wants to reduce the taxes on the rich. romney, knowing the damage that all of that has done, he went out there and said, number 1, i will cut taxes across the board, particularly on the middle class, and second, he made a distinction that liberals are simply unable to understand, the distinction between lowering tax rates and lowering tax revenues. he wants to lower the rates for the rich, and for everybody else. but he says, by eliminating loopholes and deductions to which the rich have much more access than anybody else, they will broaden the base and leave the revenue neutral or increase revenue. he says, i will not allow the share of the taxes that the rich are paying to go up.
6:30 pm
that undoes $100 million worth of obama advertising in 5 minutes. >> sean: you know, it's funny. i said something very similar -- on my radio program. it is amazing because they spent millions of dollars to position mitt romney and create a narrative about mitt romney and a caricature of mitt romney. wants dirty air, dirty water and doesn't care about children with autism or down's synd scprom wants to throw granny over the cliff. romney rendered all of those millions of dollars wasted. there is a side by side and people saw for themselves, a very different person than a caricature that the democrats were painting of him. where does he go from here? how should he prepare for the next debates? >> i think romney has to continue to hammer at these points. he gave a foreign policy speech,
6:31 pm
this monday, i am afraid it's a little bit late. when we were seized in the libya story and the american embassies were under attack from tunisia to indonesia, that was the time that he should have given it. now, he will be giving it. i think it's a great negatism but tell take the focus off the economy, which is where romney was scoring so heavily. he has to come back to the economy. stay on these points. he has to be a little bit wary because obama's going to come into the second debate, with low expectations and the second thing about this is, the second debate is going to be in a town hall that. places to obama's strengths. the relation with the audience. he has a way of connecting -- he did in the past. romney has trouble with that. if you remember the clinton/bush i debate, clinton won outright. so romney has to prepare for low expectations for obam awhich will help obama.
6:32 pm
he has to practice in a forum, in which he can relax with the audience. however, he has one great advantage, romney, he has the facts on his side and the arguments on his side. >> sean: charles krauthammer, love your analysis. your columns have been dead on this entire campaign season, with very few exceptions. a couple of minor disagreements. >> we'll discuss them -- below sea level one day. the dead sea, the place we should do that? all right, charles. thanks for being with us. stephanie cutter's finally telling the truth and let's just say, it is not going to help barack obama. we will play her comments and reince priebus will be here to react. they say debates don't make much of an impact in the polls. that is not the case after mitt romney's monumental victory over obama. we have incredible polls out of virginia, florida and ohio to share with you tonight, right here on "hannity."
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6:37 pm
stephanie cutter amg knowledges that the number is made up. >> his tax cut wouldn't be anywhere near that size. so you are disputing the size of the tax cut? are you disputing how he's going to pay for it? >> he is -- [overlapping dialogue] he has campaigned on lower being tax rates 20% on everybody, including the top 1%. that was one of the main point it's. >> right. you are saying it's a $5 trillion tab, right? >> it's a $5 trillion tab [overlapping dialogue] >> that's our analysis. >> well, okay, stipulated, it won't be near $5 trillion. but it is not going to be the sum of $5 trillion in the loopholes he is going to close? oh, there's nuance to that. reince priebus is here. you know, let's have an honest debate. i thought governor romney was
6:38 pm
like, let me explain this again to you, like a professor and a student, at times. the president obviously didn't want to get it. >> well, he explained it over and over and over again. you know, as i was listening to this cut that you just played, it gives you insight as to how they add up jobs, they add up the gains, but not the losses. you get a window into the mathematics of barack obama and stephanie cutter. but these guys are amazing. we have on top of them now, on these lies. sometimes, it takes a one-on-one situation, where have you governor romney, barack obama, standing there. no filters. they are going to have an honest conversation and debate. clearly, the president did a miserable job. one of the reasons he did a miserable job, besides the fact he didn't show up is that he can't retreat to any facts that are good for his side. i think charles just mentioned it a little while ago on your
6:39 pm
show, which is, if you don't have the facts on your side, it is very, very difficult to stand there in front of 60 million people and defend what you are doing, where you are going. you can't whine about everything because you have been in the president the whole time. >> sean: you know, now, the republican party put out what you call the big fail. you point out what you believe are 12 specific lies. number 1, the president's plan to cut the deficit by $4 trillion, that he would return america to tax rates under clinton that the obama medicare says romney's medicare plan would cost $6 million. you can see the whole list here
6:40 pm
>> sean: you say none of this is true? >> what is amazing, first of all, know only did he do a lousy job in the debate, they threw upon the miserable experience for them, a whole mountain of lies on the american people. they woke up the next day and said, wow, not only did we did a bad job, we lied the whole way through, so we are going on call mitt romney a liar. here's the plan. let's call them a bunch of liars to try to inoculate that problem. this is their tactic-- have you to understand -- >> we know that's the case. >> sean: that's all they had left after this horrific showing by the president. you know, remember, mitt romney's the guy who killed this worker's wife. mitt romney's the guy who never paid taxes. mitt romney wants dirty air and water. paul ryan upons to throw granny over the cliff. they don't care about kids with down's syndrome. the lies have been going on for a long time.
6:41 pm
>> it is not going to hold up, sean. here's why. we have three more debates. one next week with pall and all joe biden -- i am looking forward-- this is going to be a doozy. >> it will be great. i don't want to under-sell joe biden because he's pretty clever with good rhetoric. he obviously sticks his foot in his mouth, but he is quick on his feet and he is relatable to people. so i don't think we can take that lightly. but two more debates with the president. two more opportunities, hopefully, as unfiltered as we were last week. i think, of all the problems and all of the -- i think huge disappointments with this president at the debate, he continues to perpetrate this myth that somehow he has this magic plan to get our deficit and debts under control, after he himself number 1, delivered three massive deficits, every year he has been president-- $6 trillion. to be accurate, as of today,
6:42 pm
$5.54 trillion in new debt. it will be $6 trillion in new obama debt. >> he is the -- he is the debt king of the world. and he is coming out here and telling the american people -- he has a plan. well, unfortunately, speeches are not plans. and i think you have to put up or you know what. and he hasn't been able to. not good enough to whine the next day. >> sean: reince priebus, good to see you. thank you for being with us. there are no new polls battleground polls that show the impact of the romney huge win in the debate. you don't want to miss the numbers out of florida, virginia and ohio, it shows a race very much moving in mitt romney's direction. the coverup continues. new evidence shows that ambassador stevens was concerned d the state department,olence in new information, new emails turn up, that show that they turned down his request for security
6:43 pm
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>> sean: the first round of post-debate polls are out and there are chomps in very important swing states, in virmg virk, recommendny leads 49-48. florida, governor romney is ahead of the anointed one, 49-47. in ohio, in fact, romney has closed the gap and obama is up
6:47 pm
only 1 point, 50-49. among the ohio voters who said they are certain they will vote, romney has a comfortable lead, 51-48. here with the reaction, fox news contributors, democratic pollster pat caddell and dough schoen. i didn't like that the poll numbers were so skewed and they were using methodology and voting trend that was an anomaly and going above it. >> i agree with that. and pat agrees as l. bottom line, there have been three or four points of movement in the swing states. we saw it in the reuters poll. but this is the beginning of a process. it's the change in a narrative, but unless romney wins the next debate, a town hall format that, favors president obam aunless he wins that decisively, i think it will be a close election, nothing more. >> sean: you said from the
6:48 pm
beginning. >> i have. >> sean: go ahead? >> look, this was a significant debate winful it was probably the most important one on campaign insiders, my partner, doug and i talked about this on sunday. i want to actual, we made a case that could be decisive because romney was so far down in the public image. more importantly, you know, sean, all of those numbers are very close. you can't say this -- the numbers have changed from what they were. there is more coming, potentially. more importantly, debates affect how you view the race and the candidate. romney's favorability has soared. he was upside down in favorability. even in the cbs poll, right after the post-pam of uncommitted voters, he went from 30% believing he cared about people to almost 53%, almost doubled it in 90 minutes. that's the movement that we care about. >> sean: listen, nobody's
6:49 pm
doubting -- i can -- with certainty say obama's going to show up. he's going to be aggressive. he is probably likely to over -- you know, go overboard. >> here's the obama narrative, simply, sean. fiattack governor romney as his campaign has, he drives up his negative and that improves his vote share. what his handlers are saying, you missed opportunity after opportunity to position governor romney as being on the far right. have you to do it in the town hall -- [overlapping dialogue] >> this is where i dissent. this is where i dissent from everyone that this is automatically an obama event. if the romney people -- which they have not-- the romney campaign hasn't got know any better than it has been, which is terrible. romney was really good. but the question they need to push on the president is, he didn't make these charges in the last debate, face it face. if they go after that and his advertising and force him to do
6:50 pm
it and it was a lot of people who don't like those kinds of attacks, the president's going to have problems this. vice-presidential debate, i am telling you, ryan will not make this about medicare, but go after joe biden and president obama about foreign policy and libya and put them on the defensive, that's a good move. >> sean: and the economy. he has to go after the economy -- [overlapping dialogue] >> the economy, too-- plus i. the key issue that wasn't discuss in the debate were growth, job creation and most of all, optimism in the american spirit. >> sean: wait a minute. romney said over and over again, talked about job growth. >> but it was general. he didn't get to the american spirit-- he gave us -- i agree. he could have been -- yeah, i agree. they are linked together. it ties in to foreign policy as well. that's where romney needs to go. >> sean: last word, pat? you get the last word. >> look. thank you.
6:51 pm
i like that. look, the thing have you to do, you have to defeat the chicago narrative here. romney can do that. i think the most important thing, as doug said is to press the big issue, not dancing with the spiking the ball that we just heard from your previous guest. but going after what romney is talking about, particularly the big thing that scored. he has been bipartisan and the other one that the democrats and independents care bthe issues of government. >> sean: coming up, pat was talking about benghazi. we have been asking repeatedly this program, did the obama administration do everything they could do to protect ambassador stevens and three other american who is died by his side? tone, we have hard evidence that shows that in fact, the answer is no. more on the benghazi coverup that the media's ignoring, straight ahead. [ male announcer ] what can you experience in a seat? inspiration. great power. iconic design.
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>> sean: more proof that the administration didn't do all it could to prec the four more thans that were murdered on the anniversary of september 11 in benghazi. abc news has uncovered an email showing that the state department denied requests made by the security team at the consulate in libya to receive a military plane that would aid them in moving in libya. it reads in part, undersecretary for management has determined that support for tripply using the dc3 will be terminated immediately. requests to continue the use of the plane was considered. while the request from the team and the security team in tripply. it is further proof that security concerns were raised before the september 11 attack and taken to the state department. now, this email, the ambassador's direet and long
6:56 pm
list of terrorist activity ekes before the assault proved nack, that our government failed to protect our own. and now they i trying to cover tup. here with the reaction, joe trippi and peter johnson jr. the diary said it all, there is no way he thought his life was jeopardy. now we are findouth that in fact, he requested security. what other emails exist? >> this is the shame of america right now. this is the shame of the mideast. there are 13 attacks in six months. 35 security officers were pulled out. there was an ied planted at the consulate if benghazi. they tried to kill the british ambassador. there was no marine there is. they had no security. it was posted on the internet where he was running, every day. and so now, we have this absolute embarrassment and tragedy that the state department and the president have walked away from. we don't know what happened to our ambassador and thee other
6:57 pm
great americans who were killed. we do know that they want aid plane in order to get the heck out of there if this happen audio. >> sean: it was denied. >> it was denied. the cables are proving even more-- we don't won't see the cables until after the election. >> we will see them after the election. i think we have enough. and the house is going to be looking-- the president goes to the u.n. and on multiple occasions apologizing apologizing and pandering to radical islamists. >> we paid $seivet,000 to run ads in arab television, apologizing for this and went to the united nations, embarrassed by the first amendment. >> sean: now we are getting lectured, trip transpire, that we need blasphemy laws in merge, part of them come from this president of egypt, whom we are giving how many millions of dollars -- billions, excuse me? >> sean, look. it's clear that there wasn't enough protection of the
6:58 pm
ambassador. there were four people died because there wasn't enough security. -- wait a minute. but the president keeps saying, this was spontaneous -- >> it doesn't matter-- why are they lying? >> you guy it's [overlapping dialogue] >> it doesn't matter if it was spontaneous or if it was-- it does if the president tells us something that is factually inaccurate! >> it doesn't, sean. the fact is, security wasn't there. there wasn't enough security. why wasn't it there? that's what-- it is okay that the president lies?! he went out there -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: just answer the question [overlapping dialogue] >> when is the president going to own up on this? when is the president going to own up to this and say what you are saying -- [overlapping dialogue] >> when the investigation -- [overlapping dialogue] >> this is when the investigation's completed [overlapping dialogue] >> the dc3 has nothing to do
6:59 pm
with this-- wait a minute. we are running out of time. keith, why, this was the anniversary of 9/11, they tied this to a movie trailer released in july. there were two waves of attacks -- >> now we have -- now we are -- hang on! >> this is the pat other than of deception. this is part of a pattern of deceiving the american people about what is going on -- >> this is part of a pattern of a conspiracy -- [overlapping dialogue] >> this is part of deceiving the american people about how far we have fallen. and to not acknowledge the tragic death of the ambassador and three others because as joe trippi says, there wasn't enough security. joe, let's hear from the white house. >> they're doing what they are supposed to do -- which is faith fully wait until the investigation's over-- it was so safe that the fbi couldn't get in there. >> sean: an investigation?! this is a terror attack! they had


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